Here are a few of the illusions we offer, we will of course update this page when we add new illusions or products that we can offer to you. To view the illusion in more detail just click the image.

Head Chopper
Head Chopper (OUT of STOCK)

This is a beautifully constructed unit.  Beautiful woodwork finished to look like natural wood. The blade is a metal blade slices through the volunteers head. Removable legs for easy transport.

Mini Cube Zag (Standard)
Mini Cube Zag Illusion - Standard Version

One of magic's most baffling illusions, can be performed surrounded. Packs flat for easy transport. Metal supports and legs for full stability.

Mini Cube Zag (Deluxe)
Mini Cube Zag Illusion - Deluxe Version

Same as the standard version only there is metal trim on the face and back of the unit to enhance the feel and durability of the illusion.

Drawer Box (Live Stock)
Drawer Box (Livestock)

New to our range, this large drawer box can be used to produce any small animal. Designed to your specifications so it suits your style.

Sub Trunk Illusion
Sub Trunk - Metamorphosis Illusion.

Change places with your assistant as quick as 1,2,3.
Can be performed surrounded.
Packs Flat for easy transport.
Supply your own curtain, sack and cuffs to suit your routine. 

Russ Stevens' Solid Shadows Illusion
Russ Stevens' Solid Shadows Illusion

Designed by:
Russ Stevens, Bill Thompson, Ivor Morris and Chris Bowyer
Full Metal Fabrication.
Can be performed surrounded.
2 Person Illusion.


Above are the illusions we have created for clients. However, if there is any illusion you wish to enquire about not listed please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to Order

The easiest way to order is to contact us via email with your requirements. We will email you a price upon acceptance we will then issue you with a quote.

Most illusions are made to order. On average it takes approximately 4 weeks to build your new illusions. However we are happy to discuss urgent work for shorter timescales.


We like to keep you updated on the progress of your new illusion. We provide regular emailed updates with pictures so that you know how we are getting on.

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