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We are have decided to launch a new products page. Here is where you will be able to purchase stock we have bought for projects and this what we have left. When they are gone they are gone!

Svengali Deck
It's Magic "Short N' Long" Cards (Svengali Deck)

£2.50 per deck




Coin Magic Kit
The Classic Magic Collection - Coin Magic Tricks

The Penetration Coins - The coins are placed into a special case and covered with a a piece of paper. Pencils appear to penetrate each coin. The paper is punctured but the coins emerged undamaged

The Flying Coins - Coins seem to invisibly travel through the air from one cup to another.

Crystal Coin Case - Put the coin into a case, bind it with rubber bands. Then, wrap it with a handkercheif. When the magic word is spoken, the coin disappears!

12 tricks included in the booklet.

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